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the Light has caught my attention

Approaching the crone season of my life, I become reflective.  I look back and sift thru memories, recognizing the karmic value in each rich experience.  Even thru the most excruciating pain of loss, I eventually rose again to joy…and the deep knowing that I can move forward.  From those places of experience, I have been given the gift of empathy and thru this well of empathy, can connect with others on a deeper level…that place beneath the surface that we wear in this world.
It is from this place, that the artist arises, that I come forth, at first so tentatively and hesitating…a quick look back, and then a squaring of my stubbornly creative shoulders, I gaze and dream ahead.
How nice to peer forward and within, instead of backwards and within. It is from this place again, that my muse, my legendary weaver and my spirit guides come together, singing songs of celebration every time I write, every time I paint, every time I look upon my creations with delight.
I know I’ll be painting, writing and sharing from this heartsong, instilling this also with my energy and essence.
I see many many pieces to come, I see so very many people to touch, who need that touch that is so uniquely me.  I sense, with the utmost breathless anticipation, many workshops and sacred retreats to come.  They too are still simmering and shimmering patiently, as I grow stronger and braver, evolving fully into teacher.
Ever growing, ever evolving, as I also know there will be new learnings and yearnings manifesting, as I learn from future students.
I think I hesitated at writing an artist statement initially, as I couldn’t quite see how to box it up, package me up and then present myself. Silly Weaver, there is no box, only the one of my own making!
So, knowing this now also, I stretch my arms out high, turn to all the directions, acknowledge above and below, honor all that I am and will be, and joyfully continue to weave.
I would also like to acknowledge and thank Shiloh Sophia McCloud, my teacher and mentor, who taught, guided, cajoled, encouraged and simply loved me…along with her circle of tribe sisters. The Color of Woman Teacher Training was an incredible ride, and I am honored to be a graduate of the very first inaugural group of sixteen women, who share my passion to create, and teach other women and girls.

6 thoughts on “About Weaver

  1. Wendy, I look forward to sharing your journey with you and to reading your inspiring insights. Thank you for gifting us with your wisdom.

  2. Wendy, I am so glad to have the benefit of your wisdom and the beauty you share with the world

  3. wonderful weaver include me in your fine red web

  4. Beautiful Wendy – weaving the tapestry of connection in your very sweet way!

  5. I am soooooo impressed Wendy! This is so powerful and beautiful! But of course, because you are! So blessed by you and your work and weaving of words.

  6. Claire Gaillard on said:

    Thank you, Wendy, i look forward to retreating w you, meeting you and hearing/seeing more of your beautiful power-essence. Claire, from Westnedge Wellness

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