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Hello world…Saturday morning musings…

Storyboard 1

I believe it may have been the break in the weather that prompted and stirred me this morning.  The long draught  and  horrendous heat has been blown aside today.  I find I can breath, and even move easier.  The windchimes song is even l lighter, and bounces around in joy…so, today is a grand day to begin my blogging/musing journey.

I’ve been on the most remarkable adventure.  It began with a painting class, taught by Shiloh Sophia McCloud. Two years ago, I took a great big breath, sat up straight, and began my journey with paint and words.  It was indeed, legendary, as the name of the class promised…Leading a Legendary Life.  I danced, sobbed, laughed and cried my way thru finding more of myself. I became known as Indigo Light Weaver, the name of my incredible legendary self/muse.

I reconnected with the joy of writing and also discovered a passion for painting. Since that time, nearly two years ago, I  have completed a 9 month long class, with the same brilliant artist/teacher, and can now guide/teach others.  The painting shown here, was an experiment of sorts.  I bravely (gulp) agreed to show my paintings in an art hop this past February. I thought it would be fun to bring a blank canvas, inviting the public to “touch” it with paint, using their fingers or the brushes provided. I had so much fun, watching all of these people, approach the canvas, hesitating, and then proceed to wear their kindergarten smiles of delight. I had a marvelous tapestry to paint upon, and this is the rich and rewarding image that came forth to meet me.

I encourage all of you, who may be reading this (thank you!), to venture into creativity.



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3 thoughts on “Hello world…Saturday morning musings…

  1. Compass Rose on said:

    MAgnifique! So happy to see you blogging, Weavah! YES to MORE from YOU! xoxo

  2. Arlene on said:

    she speaks! the e.f.hutton of hearts

  3. Hello my heart friend…thank you and so lovely to “hear” you!

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