weaver of words, images, life experiences & observations

Spirit inspired art from my heART

Storyboard 1 nov 2012

I am Wendy C. Hassel, also known as Weaver. I am an artist and graduate of the Color of Woman painting method, as taught by my mentor/teacher, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, heart friend, amazing visionary and highly successful artist. With her guidance, and my willingness, a spark has been touched and lit and released within me.  I wish to share my journey with others and impart and imprint hope, unlocking hearts and minds…opening to the possibility of intentional soulful creative expression.

By integrating thoughts, story, wonder and painting, you will have access to weaving your own healing creativity practice.

I invite you to explore, embrace and release the beautiful, inherent, creative being that resides in that space between your heart and imagination.

I teach classes, workshops and retreats, where you can feel safe, encouraged, heard and celebrated. I offer one on one, small group and larger groups of up to twelve women and girls.


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